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Upcoming Events - 2018
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Club Paddles - Upcoming Paddles (see the Calendar for more)

Wednesday Evening Paddle - Octagon Pond, June 20th at 7:00 pm.

Meet at 7:00 in the parking off Topsail Road. Contact person; Rod Drover. Come out for a paddle open to all levels.

Cape Broyle Paddle - Saturday June 30, 2018

Caves, beaches, and waterfalls.  Lunchin Lance Cove on the beach.   Lead: RonSchwartz

By participating in any club paddle you are agreeing to the following:

1. My boat is in good condition & equipped with appropriate flotation. 
2. I will wear a Life Jacket at all times when on the water. 
3. I will wear appropriate thermal protection (a wet or dry suit) at all times when on the water unless otherwise agreed by the Trip Leader and a helmet if whitewater paddling or otherwise required. 
4. I have a whistle, 15 meters of buoyant line, drinking water and a bailing device. 
5. I have informed the trip leader of all issues relevant to the safety of others and/or myself. 
6. I have informed the trip leader if I am a non-swimmer. 
7. I have informed the trip leader of any medical conditions that may affect my health and safety, or the safety of others, including any medication I am taking or significant allergies. 

Waivers will be signed before all paddles begin.

Our Members Discuss Group

If you are a club member and want to stay informed of last minute events, start your own event and be aware of any last minute changes in events, please join our Discussion Group. We will keep updating our website in a timely manner as possible but the Discussion Group will allow you to get the very latest update on an event by email.