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Upcoming Events - 2017
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Wed. Evening Presentations

Aquarena Pool Sessions: Every Tuesday Evening from 9 to 10:30 pm -
The pool sessions are open to the general public

May 2 — Fun Night

Fees are $10 for one night.  The last session will be May 16, 2017
Padddle NL is an active member of Paddle Canada

Annual Skills School: Registration is now open: For More Details Click Here.

Annual Retreat 2017 - Splash 'N Putt - Terra Nova: - (Regtistration is now open)

Things are well under way for this year's Annual Retreat on May 19 - May 22, 2017. We hope to have the package details out to our members by March 24,
17. This years Guest Instructor/ Speaker and will be Kate Hives. Kate grew up on the beaches and tidal pools of Vancouver Island. At 13 she discovered the thrill of surfing a kayak courtesy of a passing motor boat. The motor boat produced a wake that propelled Kate to speeds which were well beyond her ability to meet under her own power! As they say, the rest is history! Here is a little more about Kate.

Kate’s passion for paddling and the outdoors has been enhanced and pursued through education and time on the water. She has paddled in many countries and in almost as many types of boats! Kate graduated from Lakehead University’s Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program and has worked as an Outdoor Educator, Kayak instructor and Expedition guide. She has numerous qualifications as a guide, instructor with skills in ocean and white water kayaking.

Wednesday Evening Presentation: April 26, 2017 - Paddling in Belize:

On April 26th Brian Newhook will bring a little sunshine and images of palm trees, sand, various shades of blue, water and sky, when he transports us to Belize. This winter Brian and friends paddled the Caribbean and returned in time for our wind storm...what a contrast to the image he has provided of kayaks on the beach. 

This winter we had a presentation of paddling in northern Labrador and now the Caribbean....makes us wonder, where will our members go in 2017?

Wednesday Evening Presentation: May 17, 2017:

A long way to go to get wet
Dr. Chris Sladden is a dermatologist, but it didn’t start out that way. As a wayward teenager, he saw his physical education teacher rolling an orange fibre glass kayak in a rat-infested bit of water- in deepest darkest middle England. The teacher may have recovered, but Chris didn’t, and he knew he wanted more of that. Well over 3 decades later with hundreds of rivers, thousands of miles in many countries he still gets a faraway look when gazing at flowing water. Down those canyons and gorges, filled with grand characters are moments and memories to last a life time.