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The Summer/ Fall Paddling Schedule:

All paddles are tentative due to weather, availability of leads and sweeps and the wishes of members. Dates may be adjusted. If you are interested in participating contact the leads at the email address in the post. You are required as per Dept. of Transport requirements to have a bailer or bilge pump, throw or towline, PFD and a whistle for a signalling device.

In the case of ocean paddles adequate thermal protection is mandatory – either a dry suit or paddling wetsuit. Paddling pants and jacket with clothes underneath is not acceptable. Waiver forms will be signed before the paddle begins.

In the case of a pond paddle taking a set of dry cloths is highly recommended. Click here to go to our calender of events.

Thanksgiving Gander River Trip - Friday October 6th to Sunday October 8th

Photo 1Thanksgiving Gander River Trip We have much to be thankful for so why not join us for an Autumn tour of the Gander River. Canoeist and Kayakers will experience a run of beautiful pristine steadies, white water shoots and beautiful scenery. The colors of the mixed hardwood forest will fascinate all of our nature-lovers as they meander down the Gander River. Don’t forget to bring your camera. This trip is certainly achievable by most paddlers that are comfortable in their boats; however, like all paddles there are always potential opportunities for a mishap. Due to the temperature of the water, thermal protection will be required. You will also require a helmet for protection during the white water portions of the river.“Please let us know if you are in need of helmets or thermal protection, we are arranging for a special group order with The Outfitters for you. Cost will be minimum. You will also be required to have all clothes in a dry bag as in any trip, getting wet is always a possibility. You will also be required to have all the DOT requirements. Click here to go to our calender of events.