Norris Point, East Arm, Bonne Bay

 July 29, 2005

 By Brian Newhook

Weather: Sunny, 24 degrees C
Trip Length: 2 hrs total
Paddlers: Brian Newhook, Angie Brace
Kayaks Used: 2x Seaknife SK-17 Pro

 Norris Point.jpg (62611 bytes)

Our paddle route is marked in red (thumbnail - click on image to enlarge)

This was a light afternoon paddle to complete our holidays before heading back to the east coast. Earlier that day we hiked into Bakers Brook Falls, a 10 km return trail to a fantastic waterfall. We stayed at Green Point campground in Gros Morne the night before, and were surprised about the nice sites, given that its $14/night compared to $23/night at the other campgrounds in the park. It is a self registration campground with running water but no showers.

Norris Point offers some of the most fantastic views of the park; Tablelands on one side of Bonne Bay and Gros Morne Mountain on the other. It is one of the more pretty communities that I have ever visited. A company called “Bon Tours” offers boat tours here on a new catamaran called the “EmmCat”. There are also sea kayak tours and rentals available and a marine interpretation center. All of this is located at the end of the town, in Norris Cove, and in this area there is a small beach where we launched our boats.

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The EmmCat, 45 ft Catamaran tour boat (thumbnail - click on image to enlarge)

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The beach at Norris Cove (thumbnail - click on image to enlarge)

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Me with Gadd’s Harbour in the background (thumbnail - click on image to enlarge)

We left the beach at three o’clock and the wind had just started to pick up. It seems that the wind always picks up in the afternoon in this area. But the sun was shining and it was our last day, so we had to get out on the water. There were already a few kayaks on the water when we set out. We paddled across to Gadd’s Harbour, where there is a nice beach.

 DCP_0698.jpg (79825 bytes)DCP_0699.jpg (83668 bytes)

Angie with Gros Morne mountain in the background (thumbnail - click on image to enlarge)

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Angie with Shag Cliff in the background (thumbnail - click on image to enlarge)

We then headed along the coast line east past Shag Cliff. Here the seas can get confused when the waves bounce back of the cliffs, so be careful in this area. Once we got past Shag Cliff we entered stores cove, which has a beach and is fairly sheltered, so we pulled up along side each other for a little lunch and soaked in the view. After our lunch we went back across to Reid Point and discussed going further up to Beachy Point. There is a beautiful sandbar that you can see from the highway when you drive past, but the wind was getting stronger and we had to make our way across the island soon, so we decided to turn back for Norris Cove. The views in this bay are truly phenomenal and the day was perfect for it. We were sad we couldn’t stay longer. It was another area that we vowed to visit again to explore further.

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Angie with the Tablelands in the background (thumbnail - click on image to enlarge)

 DCP_0704.jpg (70377 bytes)

As we approached Norris Cove, there was a Tall Ship leaving port, so we had to give it the right away, considering the size difference between them and us! (thumbnail - click on image to enlarge)

This is a great paddle for novices as it is relatively sheltered. I recommend a visit to Beachy Point, I wish we had the time and better weather to have taken it in. The beaches in the area offer great places to picnic. Lomond is only a 12 km paddle from Norris Point, and it would make a great extension to this trip if the weather was agreeable.

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