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Upcoming Events - 2018
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2018 Aquarena Pools Sessions:

Paddle NL will once again be hosting pool sessions at the Aquarena in St. John’s on Tuesdays, from 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm, during the winter and early spring. The pool sessions will run until May 8th.

Paddlers may purchase a season pass for $100. The drop-in price is $10 per session. A Paddle NL representative will be collecting monies at the pool.

This event is open to the general public, and paddlers must supply their own boat. However, if you do not have a boat and would like to participate in a pool session, please contact us. While we cannot guarantee the loan of a boat for a particular session, we will contact club members to see if an extra boat can be made available. Contact us by clicking here.

Upcoming Clinics at the Aquarena (9:00 pm - 10:30 pm):

 - April 10 - Kayak Strokes

Solo Paddling Labrador/Quebec Rivers & Lakes with Canoes and Camping Gear designed and built by the Paddler

RESHEDULED TO:  Friday, April 13th - 7:30, Hampton Hall, Marine Institute

In 2016, David Ayotte was PNL’s guest at the Club’s annual Retreat in Terra Nova Park. In addition to expeditions, we were impressed of David’s design and construction of his camping and canoe gear….tents, stoves, canoes, pack packs…all designed and manufactured by David to safely and comfortably allow him to travel many days in the bush. We are delighted to announce that David has agreed to present on a recent trip and his latest gear.

David will present on last summer’s sole canoe trip. As explained by David:

 “I wanted to retrace native route the Innu used to use to travel from Gulf of St-Laurence to George River watershed. It is a long way, about 1200 km round trip. I think the most amazing part of the route is from the Gulf of St-Laurence to the Labrador plateau. This section, 360 kilometres, includes 600 metres of elevation and uses six different rivers and many lakes, including 37 kilometres of portage. This is the route I travelled, going downhill. In order to make portages easier, I wanted to travel as light as possible, light enough to do single carries in portages for most of the trip. To achieve it, I made a 14' prospector using cedar and carbon weighing 42 lbs. The trip took me 13 days to complete.”

David will talk about the route, reflections about solo paddling, boat building and how he makes light weight canoes, with similar weight to Kevlar or carbon canoes at a fraction of the price. 

All are welcome and as usual, there is no cost.


17th Annual Retreat is approaching very quickly and this year it is scheduled for May18th to May 21st. Again this year the Splash N Putt in Terra Nova will be our home base for this event.

Regestration will start soon, so register early and mark it on you Calendar.


Annual Skills School is scheduled this year for May 29th for the pool session. Friday, June 1st - 3rd will be at the Rotary Sunshine park. Registration is now open. Click Here